Friday, November 12, 2010

Show Us Your Life - Bathrooms

Happy Friday my darlings!  So nice to see you again.  Thanks for stopping by to say hello.  How has your week been?  Mine has been a complete week from HE** to say the least.  It started off the first three days where I was sick and then yesterday was NUTS from the moment I sat down at my desk at 9 a.m. until I finally got to leave at 645 last night.  Needless to say, I barely had time to eat lunch much less do anything else. 

Anyway, on to the reason you stopped by today - Kelly from Kelly's Korner is hosting another week of Show us your life and this week is bathrooms.  So here are my bathrooms:

This is when we first bought the house in September of 2008:
Master bathroom upstairs - which my daughter and I share. I know you can't tell from this distance, but if you click on the picture you should be able to see that yes, that was outhouse wallpaper border of all things - Ummm... NO THANKS! HA! And the bad thing is that they had a gray bathtub, gray commode and gray sink - but the walls were painted a light blue of all things - UGH!
And this is the master bathroom now:
(looking in from the hallway)
Looking in from the one side of the room:
My beautiful shower curtain my mommy bought me last year - I love the detail in it:
And this is the boy's bathroom downstairs that my husband and son share.  This is when we bought it - it was a very pale yellow despite what these pictures show. 
And this is the boy's bathroom now:
As you can see, yes, we still have a way to go on our decorating and yes, our walls in the bathrooms are still very bare.  My bathroom upstairs still has that ugly builder's mirror and ugly builders light fixture that I plan to change out once I get to that room.  It does have a nice size linen closet that I forgot to open and show you (it's actually very organized too).  The boy's bathroom has a very nice updated light fixture but no linen closet and as you can probably see, it is very tiny.  That's why the boys are sharing this bathroom because you know, us girls need our space! LOL

I am open to any and all ideas/suggestions for decorating either or both bathrooms if you have some great ideas you would like to share.  Oh, I forgot to take a picture of the master bathroom's lineouleoum floor too - it is disgusting and also a yellowish color.  It too will be changed out.  And the wall color in both bathrooms are a dark gray and I love the color. :)

Well, thanks for stopping by to say hello and welcome again to my newest followers.  I am running very late again this morning as usual so I better hop and go get ready.  Have a great day and a wonderful weekend.  I will post those two recipes I promised you tomorrow.  One is for homemade vegetable beef soup and the other is for homemade chili.  YUM! 

Lots of love and hugs,


  1. love the after color;) happy friday friend

  2. I'm a huge fan of gray these days as well! And, I love a good before and after!

  3. Looks great! Very chic :)


  4. Soooo... when I saw the first pic of the bathroom, before reading on.... I thought that was your actual bathroom. And I thought you enjoyed that hideous wallpaper border thingie. And I thought we might have to break up, because it was that gross. And then thank god I kept reading and realized that yes, indeed, you are the fabulous woman I thought I knew with great taste who repainted that bathroom and took down the border. Phew!!!
    Love the grey walls!!!! So rich looking... just love it!
    Happy weekend my friend! Sorry about your hellish week but now you can kick back and enjoy the weekend!

  5. I love the color! I think it looks very stylish. Model home like.

  6. LOVE the grey walls!! I am wanting a room with that color, it's just fab and there are so many colors to go with it!!

    btw - the magazine I work for is doing a cute giveaway from Etsy on our blog, Check it out!

  7. I love the color. I wanted gray in the last two houses that we have lived in but somehow it just never works. LOL!

  8. Oh, I love the AFTER so much better!! :)


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