Friday, September 28, 2012

Day 2 - End of Cannon Beach

Happy TGIF my peeps!  Welcome to the weekend!!!  Do you have anything special planned?  We don't have a lot but 2 of our besties are coming in to stay with us tomorrow night as they are leaving on Sunday morning for a cruise out of Galveston. 

We can't WAIT to see them!  It's been since New Year's Eve that we've seen them!  I wish we could have gone with them but we just didn't have enough time off, hence the short and quick trip to Portland!  Anywho.... onto the pictures of our cute and adorable little cottage:


Beautiful flowers that were out front of the cottages
 Our room
The wood carvings in this room and outside were amazing (this was the headboard)
Even the bathroom was nice and up-to-date
 The adorable downtown area

 And since election time is upon us - I couldn't resist taking a picture of these two benches that were out front of the little grocery store in town - I literally LOL when I saw them! :)
Okay, so there you have it - the rest of the Cannon Beach area.  I still have a ton more pictures to show you that I am going to save until next week.  Since we are expecting company tomorrow, I have a lot to do before they arrive so I probably won't be able to blog much this weekend.  I hope you have an awesome weekend whatever your plans may be.  Don't forget to stop back by on Monday to see the beginning of the Portland area photos I have waiting for you!
Again, have a wonderful weekend and thanks for stopping by to say hello! :)

Lots of love and hugs,


  1. what an adorable cottage, my friend!
    and the flower photos are amazing, too.

    thanks so much for sharing.

    have a great weekend!

    big hugs!


  2. Loving the colours and those wood carvings are beautiful - to wake up to that headboard every morning would be heavenly. Enjoy your week-end.

  3. Have fun with your friends this weekend!!


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