Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Day 2 - Oregon Coastline continued....

 Happy Hump Day guys and dolls!  How are you?  Great, I hope!  As promised we are continuing down the Oregon coastline today.  Our first stop on Day 2 was at Camp 18.  It was a restaurant and gift shop.  As you can see - the trees they had laying in the "lumber yard" were bigger and much taller than us!
 This was a saying that I found hanging on the wall in the girl's bathroom and I really loved it! I may look at re-creating it somehow to hang in our home. 
Door Handle to the bathrooms which I thought was cool since it was made out of an axe!

Front porch of restaurant - I forgot to get the one of bigfoot hiding in the trees - darn it!
 After a brief pitstop here - we headed on down the road and made a stop at Fort Clatsop looking for the trail of Lewis & Clark.  It had a lot of nice exhibits in here and Steven really enjoyed them since he's such a history buff! :)
Fort Clatsop:
Well, that's all for today my friends!  Be sure to stop by tomorrow as we continue our journey down the Oregon coastline!  Have a great day! :)
Lots of love and hugs,

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  1. Wonderful, just like the kind of place I enjoy visiting.


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