Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Hey Strangers!

How are you?  How have you all been?  I know I promised to be back here this past February but time has just gotten completely away from me and I just couldn't get back to blogging.  However, I do hope to be back now full-time as I want to keep a journal of this coming year. It is the last year of high school for my sweet boy and I don't want to forget a thing. So.... Here is a recap of sorts since February:

  • In February, Hubby got a new job and we were relocated to the great State of Texas. He still works in airport retail and is working at Bush intercontinental airport here in Houston.
  • In March I began working for a huge Investment banking firm here in the Houston area and really love it. 
  • In May my sweet baby girl graduated high school and has ventured out on her own. She currently works for Wal-Mart and is about to begin cosmetology school. She has been dating a nice guy for the past couple of months who is also a dad already and has an adorable 2 year old little boy.  My daughter adores the baby and the baby adores her. She is so great with kids!
  • In June my son finished his junior year back home in Arkansas and we officially moved him to Houston to live with us and attend his senior year here. Yes, my kids have moved a lot over the years, and while it's been tough on them and us at times, they've had a lot of experiences that most kids have never had and have seen a lot of places.  And because of that, they can decide for themselves what part of the world they want to live in when they are on their own, because they've gotten to see so many new areas.
  • In July things were relatively quiet around here. In February we moved into a 1 bedroom apartment since it was just hubby and I. But in June once we moved our son down here with us, we had to get a larger apartment, so we spent a lot of time moving into the bigger one and trying to get settled once and for all during the month of July.  
  • In August we were pretty settled in and began exploring and checking out our surrounding areas to see what all there was to do.  Needless to say, we've seen a lot of sights!  Also the beginning of the month, my cousins, who live in Dallas, drove to Galveston and we met them there and spent the day at the beach with them. We had a great time but got severely burned. We've not been in the sun since.  SPF 50 couldn't compete with the Texas sun!  Middle of August it was getting our son enrolled in his new school and getting him ready for his Senior year.   Since then, he started school on August 27th and we've been in full school mode since. 
  • In September, our beloved Razorbacks college football season started (with a Win), a lazy labor day weekend and now getting ready for mine and hubby's 15 year anniversary weekend getaway (early). Our anniversary isn't until the end of October but he has a lot of work situations that month that will keep us from celebrating. Therefore, we chose to celebrate early instead of late. We are headed to Portland, Oregon the 3rd week of this month and can hardly contain our excitement!  Only 2 weeks from tomorrow!!   
So, as you can see, we've had a full plate since February, hence the reason my poor little blog has taken a backseat. I really hope to be back to blogging full-time now and hope you'll re-join me for the ride.  I've been following a lot of your blogs and continue to see what's going on in your busy lives as well. 

I'm having a very difficult time adding pictures since I'm typing this on my iPad, so i will do a post later with new pictures  Thanks for stopping by to say hello and please let me know you were here!

Lots of love and hugs~

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  1. Wow - you have been busy! I hope your son is adjusting to his new school very well! I bet it is nice having him with you full time. :-)


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