Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Wordless Wednesday (sort of).....

Pictures that wouldn't post yesterday.  These are some shots we've taken since February, but be aware - it's picture overload! I have a lot of catching up to do! :)

Date Night:
 Hubby and his new specs:
 Mommy and Son day - school shopping
 New Razorback Shirt to support my HOGS (back)
 Day at Galveston Beach with Sunblock
(I was miserable and in severe pain here if you couldn't tell - ha ha)
 Beautiful cousins in from Dallas that we spent the day with at Galveston Beach
 Hubby playing dress up in his new cowboy hat
 His other hat
 Me and my girl the last time I saw her in July :(
 Me and Alliye and her boyfriend, John
 Game Day 2012 - Razorbacks win
 Just me
 My hubby - Stay thirsty my friend
 My baby's first day of Senior Year
 My baby girl and Donavan (her boyfriend's 2 year old son)
John and Alliye

 Me playing dress up in hubby's cowboy hat and cowboy boots and my new dress
 Dress up
 Nasa Space Center of Houston
 Nasa Space Center of Houston
 Relaxing by the pool at the apartments -
loving the palm trees around the pool

LOL told you there would be picture overload.  See...we've been very busy!  Thanks for stopping by to say hello and please let me know you were here.  :)

Lots of love and hugs,

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  1. I've seen a lot of these already but very cute. Except for that sunburn - YOWIE!!


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