Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Stick It Up Tuesday

Welcome to another weekly edition of SupahMommy's Post-It Note Tuesday!  Come play along and while you're at it - be sure to check out SupahMommy's blog and see how funny freaking hilarious she is - she will have you in stitches by the time you get through her blog! Check her out!  Trust me, you will NOT be sorry and be sure to tell her that Tracy sent you! :o)

Your turn - come play along! I can't wait to see what your stickies will say today. :o)

Happy Tuesday, ya'll!


  1. Love the margarita comment. I remember the day when our office actually served alcohol once a month on Fridays after work.

    The ironic part? We were an automobile insurance company.

  2. That sounds like my kind of job! Let me know if you find it!

  3. and when you find that money making home job let me know too please

  4. Love the one about your daughter. Oh and if you find that job, can you pass along the info. I'd also prefer one that allows a naptime in the afternoon, that'd be perfect!

  5. I thought that maybe the homework thing was just a phase and mine is only in 7th. Darn it!

  6. I love your weekly post-its! If you ever test your margarita question out, let us know! ;)

  7. you are soo nice.. PLEASE.. STO / WAIT

    go ON!

    hope you feel better
    xoxo supah

  8. Those are fun! I've never seen them before. :D

    Cute blog you have here!

    Thanks for stopping by yesterday!

  9. My oldest is in the 3rd grade.....I am soooo not looking forward to homework getting harder to deal with!!


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