Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thanksgiving Thursday - Recipe Time!

Good morning my friends and welcome to Thanksgiving Thursday - we are finally on the downhill side of the week - YAY!!!

Anyway, I decided today would be a recipe day from here until Thanksgiving.  I will post a new recipe a few days each week that I personally love and make for our Thanksgiving meal.  And to start it off, we are going to start with the EASIEST and YUMMIEST - the TURKEY!  This turkey recipe is so easy to make and turns out SO  GOOD that you will NOT believe it until you try it for yourself - so... without further adieu:

2 tsp. salt
1 tsp. pepper
2 tsp. paprika
4 tsp. hot water
1 cup Peanut Oil (HAS to be Peanut Oil - do not substitute any other type of oil - it will not work)
1 Brown Paper Grocery Bag (HAS to be a regular brown paper grocery bag - nothing else)

Mix the first 4 ingredients together in a bowl and then add the 1 cup of Peanut Oil.  Take the hearts, liver, etc. out of the plastic bags that are in the turkey and place them back inside the turkey.  Take your brush and baste the turkey inside and out (including the hearts, liver, etc) (really coat it good).  Then coat the entire brown paper bag inside and out with the same mixture (and don't forget the ends and bottom) place the turkey inside the coated bag and fold the top of the bag over and staple. (you may also have to make another batch of the oil mixture - so you may just want to double it to begin with).  Cook on 325 degrees - DO NOT PREHEAT THE OVEN! (For a 15lb turkey cook for 3.5 hours - for a 21lb. turkey in gas oven cook for 4.5 hours) *COOK TURKEY 1 HOUR FOR EVERY POUND* 

Please ask if you have any questions as sometimes I'm not so good at explaining things exactly.  But, I PROMISE you - you will L.O.V.E. this recipe and once you put it in the oven - you do NOT have to worry about it again at all - NO BASTING every hour, etc.  - this turkey will literally come out golden brown and very juicy.  This is the only way my husband will eat Turkey for Thanksgiving or Christmas now - I've been making it this way for the last 10 years of our marriage.  It really is that easy to do and once you've put it in the oven and determined the exact time needed for it to cook, you can just leave it and forget it until it's finished.  Also, make sure that you have a pan under the turkey though (learned this the hard way) so that it catches all of the turkey drippings (which you can use for gravy afterwards).

Have a great day my blog friends! We are almost to the weekend!

Hugs, Trac~ ;o)


  1. I might try this!!! This sounds good!! Must be the penut oil that does the trick!

  2. Wow. That sounds utterly delicious! I am so mad my new kitchen hasn't been redone. I couldn't even fit a 2 lb turkey in my current oven.

  3. Darn-it! I just cooked a turkey last night. Day late with this post. I am going to save it though since I probably won't cook another turkey until March.

  4. I agree with everyone else. This sounds good and easy. Will file it in the back of my mind. Right now the only thing we know about Thanksgiving is that we are spending it in a timeshare...with two small kitchens between us and my parents.

  5. yummers.....I have been looking for a good, easy recipe for turkey....thanx;)

  6. I cannot even begin to think about Thanksgiving! HELP~

  7. I love this!! Consider me a new follower!


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