Monday, November 9, 2009

Winners of the Dessert Challenge and a note from Trac!

Hello there Welcome to our Worlders!

I am Summer and I am here to save the day!  Trac has been banned from the internet because a) pirates took over her office building, b) she was starting to write her boss's memos like she does her own blog posts and c) I am lying. 

Let's be honest here:  Her office has blocked her from the fun blogging world.  Since those darn pirates are so cruel, she will now have to post and comment in the early morning and evening hours from this point forward.

I am also here to bring good news to two lucky bloggers!  Trac reached out to you all for some delish dessert recipes.  She decided that Kristen of K.Law: Inspired and Steven of No Excuse, No Explanation were the favorites of the evening.  Everyone kept coming back for more 7 layer bars and some yummy Snicker pie.  However, Mrs. Trac was having such a lovely time indulging that she forgot to take photos!  AHHHH.  Winners:  Please email Trac here with your home address, so she can send you a little token of her appreciation for your delicious desserts!

Have a great day, friends!


  1. What a lucky day for me! Yay! Trac, that totally sucks you got banned! Who's ass do I need to kick, really?

    SumSum! Love you!

  2. NO WAY! HOW COOL.....Glad your guest loved it, mine always eat it up...the whole banned thing from the internet SUCKS!!!!!!

    I feel so lucky, again like Sally fields...they like me, they really like me

  3. oh no not banned. But on the up side...thank heavens for summer.

  4. I had to laugh at this, because "blocking blogger" at work is my #1 fear these days!!! You're lucky you've got a way to post anyway!


  5. Congrats to the winner! But bummer about being banned!


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