Monday, November 16, 2009

Thanksgiving Recipe #2

Happy Monday my wondermous blogarino friends! Hope you had a beautiful and glorious weekend! Ours was really nice.  We had family pictures made and I was SO surprised and happy at how well they all turned out! I will take a picture of them and post on here later this week, along with my table decorations for Thanksgiving. 

Now on to my next favorite recipe for Thanksgiving.  I got this from my aunt many many years ago and it is still one of my family's most favorite recipes - I hope you enjoy it as much as we do. :o)

Hashbrown Casserole

1 32 oz bag of Hashbrowns (small chunk kind not shredded or whole)
1 stick butter melted
1 can Cream of Mushroom Soup
12 oz. shredded Velveeta
1 8 oz carton of Sour Cream
1 tsp Salt
1/2 small onion chopped
2 cups Crushed Cornflakes
1 stick butter melted

Spread hashbrowns in 9x13 glass baking dish
Mix the first 6 ingredients together
Pour and spread mixture evenly over Hashbrowns
Take the 2 cups of crushed Cornflakes and spread evenly over the top of that
Melt last stick of butter and pour evenly over top of cornflakes
Cook for 45 minutes on 350 degrees

Easy peasy - let me know if you try it and what you think! 

So what did you do this weekend?  We were supposed to see 2 movies this weekend, but didn't make it - we ended up going to the 10:30 p.m showing of 2012 (the earlier shows were ALL sold out and my husband INSISTED that we HAD to see it Saturday night) and it. was. A.W.E.S.O.M.E.  I was a little disappointed that we didn't get to see the movie The Christmas Story (or is it Carol) with Jim Carey - but we will see it next weekend for sure - I can't wait.  But seriously, if you get a chance to see 2012 - DO IT - you will LOVE it! The special effects were out of this world! However, be prepared - it was a 2 1/2 hour long movie but it was well worth it! :o)

Have a great Monday lovies!

Hugs, Trac~ ;o)


  1. I love hashbrown casserole! Of course, I'm a fan of anything smothered in sour cream and cheese.

    We never go to the movies....the Prince can't ever stay awake. :(

  2. I have never had this!! It sounds good!!

  3. this sounds so yummy.

    the only movies we see is from the couch.

  4. Ive made something like this, mine did have cornflakes, interesting, Im gonna tryu this:)

  5. I have been meaning to stop by your blog and say thank you for coming by mine... and now I'm finally here (better late than never) and so glad I came! I am following... lovely blog!
    I love this recipe... I told my mom to have it ready for me when I go home for Thanksgiving next week!!
    And you *must* see the new Christmas Carol movie. I saw it this past weekend... it is brilliant. Much darker than I was expecting (not so sure if kids would make it through without some serious nightmares) but amazing... wow. You'll have to let me what you think of it!

  6. ohhh that sounds yummy!!! i know my hubs would LOVE it!! and i heard mixed reviews on 2012, so i'm glad you liked it!! i totally want to go check out the christmas carol!!! we'll compare notes :)

  7. hey cuz, we were pretty disappointed with A Christmas Carol (Jim Carey version). We LOVE Jim Carey, but they didn't deviate from the Dickens version at all, so he was not able to be "Jim Carey". The story of course was good (since it was the Dickens version), and the 3D was really good, but overall, the movie was pretty boring. There were 8 of us that went and we all said "ehhh" when we credits started rolling.

    Looking forward to seeing the new family pics, and of course hashbrown casserole rocks!

    Love you,



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