Thursday, January 10, 2013

Things That Annoy Me Thursday

Happy Thursday guys and dolls!  Hope all is well your way and that you're having a great week so far.  My week has been crazy to say the least, which is why other than Monday, I've not been able to get by your blogs to see what the heck is going on over in your neck of the woods.  *sigh*  I promise to do so soon, though! :)
One of my favorite bloggers, Amber, over at Airing My Laundry One Sock At A Time, does a Things That Annoy Me Thursday, so I decided to join up and do the same today.  She usually does a post on one thing at a time, but this has been one of those weeks, so I've tweaked it a bit and have added my aggravations from this week instead of just one annoyance.  :)  This may become a regular post of mine, as hers always crack me up!  Nonetheless.... here we go:
Things that annoy me Thursday:

1.  Houston Traffic - Mr. or Mrs. person in the car in front of me - it is NOT okay to straddle the white line between the two lanes, so please choose one lane or the other! And the other Mr. or Mrs. who came up behind me this morning in the dark and pouring down rain and almost side swiped me as you jumped over to the next lane - SO NOT COOL!!!!

2.  Weight Gain - especially when you eat healthy all day/week and drink plenty of water but yet, somehow, you gain a half a pound by the end of the week. 
3.  Trying to plan your daughter's wedding and begin the process of making the invitations, only to be told a week or two later that the date has been changed (and it's 3 months earlier) - good thing I hadn't gotten very far into them yet.
4.  When your son, who is a Senior in high school now, and is responsible when it comes to his grades and driving the car, can't seem to remember to make coffee and set it for the next morning so it's ready for him/me when we get up.  Mama needs her coffee yo!
5.  When it's time to trade in your iphone and upgrade and you choose the wrong one.  I have always been an Apple girl and loved, loved, loved my iphones over the years.  However, I decided since Best Buy was having a killer deal on the Samsung Galaxy SIII the day after Thanksgiving, that I would give it a try.  Needless to say, I've been disappointed to say the least and have since put it up for sale on Ebay, so that I can buy a new iphone 4s. like the iphone 5 that has since came out.
6.  People who pee all over the bathroom seat!  EWWWW is all I can say!  We are ladies, not men, so what the hell would you be peeing all over the toilet seat for?  My husband is cleaner than most of the ladies on my floor.  Ladies - PLEASE pee like a lady and don't make a mess - oh and if you do, please clean up after yourself! 
So there you go, just a few of my many annoyances this week.  Thanks for stopping by and I will go and visit your blogs later this morning, I hope.  However, if I don't, I PROMISE I will catch up with them all on Saturday night when I have the whole night to myself.  Ahhhh... pure bliss! :)
Lots of love and hugs,


  1. Oh gosh # 2 Speaks to me! This literally happened to me this week and I'm beyond frustrated!

  2. I can relate to almost all of those!! Number 2 especially. I am so frustrated!
    Happy Thursday :)

  3. Keep eating healthy - the numbers will change. .5 of a pound is not a big deal - probably just water. It will start to go down!!!

    Tell your son to set himself a reminder on his phone! :-)


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