Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Hey, It's Okay Tuesday!

Happy Tuesday, guys and dolls! Hope you're having an awesome week so far and that the weather where you are is beautiful as well.  You know what today is, so come join us, won't you?! :) You can join in here.

-- To be SUPER excited - I got the call at 11 last night that my daughter was on her way to the hospital and I am going to have a grandson VERY SOON

-- To wish I lived closer so I could be there at the hospital in case she has him before I get there.  They were inducing her last night about midnight or so, so it could be a long drawn out process, or it could happen very quickly

-- To be wishing that we were leaving tonight right after work instead of 4 or 5 a.m. in the morning. I'm still going to work on my hubby and see if I can get him to change his mind - even if we have to stay in a hotel, because it is a 12 hour drive.

-- To be continuing to pray for the other one thing I want more than anything in the world - I know it's all in God's timing, but I am praying for it to happen soon

-- To be praying for all of those in Paris and their families as they suffer the loss of their loved ones, and for all of those hurt in the terrorist attacks.  Our world is slowly coming to an end, which is why I am praying for the above so much and for it to happen sooner rather than later

What about you?  What are your "Hey, It's Okay Tuesday" thoughts today?  Hope you have a great day and rest of the week and weekend.  I am probably going to be taking a bloggy break until after I get back from our road trip to meet our new grandson. And don't worry, I will have TONS of pictures to show when I return! :)

Have a great day lovies and thanks for stopping by! :)

Lots of love and hugs,


  1. Yay! Enjoy your grandson. I look forward to seeing the photos.

  2. Congratulations! Enjoy your grandbaby...our's just turned two and they are so much fun!!


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