Monday, November 9, 2015

Weekend Highlights

Happy Monday, lovies.  How was your weekend? Great, I hope! Ours was filled to the brim and we didn't slow down until last night about 6 o'clock - whew!

Our weekend consisted of the following:

-- Friday night after work hubby and I went to dinner to relax and then Wal-Mart afterwards to get a few groceries.  Came home, put them away and laid down to watch a movie as we had plans to get up extra early on Saturday morning to run some errands.

-- Saturday morning we got up at 7 a.m., took care of the pups, got ready to go and went to the Car Dealership in Katy to look at trading my husband's truck in.  We were originally supposed to have brought mine and his vehicles, but he didn't feel like they would really be able to do anything with mine, so we left it at home and just took his.  It was raining all day long, so trying to look at vehicles in the rain was a mess as you can imagine, and it was raining sideways to boot - so yeah, that was fun, said no one ever....  Anywho, we found the truck that he wanted and we had an appointment with a lady there at 9:45, but we were there at 8:30 - ugh...About 9:15 we finally were able to get with our sales lady, whom we had never met before then, and start the wheelin and dealin process.  After an hour of fun, we were told the only way to make the deal work in our favor, was in fact to go home and get my Camry and bring it back. (Which she had already instructed him to do the day before, but he was being stubborn) Soo... an hour drive home and another hour drive back, we finally arrived back at the car dealership and resumed the process.  Also, the only way to make our deal work was basically to be told what kind of car I could choose from and what year model, but I could choose the color, etc.  Oh geez, thanks.  Well.... our sales lady was awesome to say the least. She actually got me the exact car I wanted and the exact truck that hubby wanted and we were on our way - it only took 8 hours of being there (including the 2 hours there and back to get my car) before we were finally finished.  So... without further adieu... meet our new babies:

2016 Totyota Tacoma TRD Sport in Inferno Red

2015 Toyota Camry XLE Hybrid

All I can say is... OMG!!! I've never had a Hybrid car before, and it's going to take a little bit to get used to, but this baby is completely loaded down with all of the bells and whistles! The only thing TRULY missing is a sunroof - which, I've had in other cars prior and never used, so I am OK that it wasn't in this car. Besides being a Hybrid, it has keyless start, remote start, navigation, wireless charging for my phone, and a whole lot of other fun stuff that I've not even gotten to explore yet,  I've always had a very nice luxury edition Camry that I loved, but this one tops that and I expect it will be one I have for many, many years to come. We are over the moon as you can imagine! :)  What about you? Do you have a Hybrid? I could use any pointers you can offer! 

-- Once we finally got home from the auto dealership Saturday night, we did a little bit of laundry and laid down to watch the Razorback/Ole Miss game to see how our team fared in the showdown. We avoided tv and social media ALL DAY so that there wouldn't be any spoilers about the game.

Needless to say, I'm SO happy we recorded it, because it was an all out and out nail biter for sure.  It kept going back and forth in the scoring, so we went into 1 or 2 OT's because of it. At the very last part of the game, where we were down on the 4th and 25, we just knew there was no way we were going to win at that point, however, our team did a very weird play called a 4th down lateral, that I had never seen before, scored and then did a 2 pt. conversion and prevailed 53-52 and we were ecstatic!

-- Sunday, we got up at 7 and hubby and I started the morning by taking a walk in the cool crisp 55 degree temps, then started cleaning out the garage, washing clothes, doing some cooking and getting other things completed around the house.  At 3 I had a baby shower across the street at the neighbor's house and then I was back home at 5 to finish up some stuff and lay down to rest for the evening, as we were completely tuckered out.  We haven't had that busy of a weekend in ages, so us old folk tire out quickly - LOL

So.... what about you?  What fun things did you enjoy this weekend? I can't wait to catch up! Thanks for stopping by to say hello.  Have a fabulous Monday ladies!

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  1. My, you did have a busy weekend. Fairly chilled out here, the hi-light was probably our finally getting around to watching Mockingjay #1 on Saturday afternoon.

    1. Yes, VERY busy for sure! Wow, that must have been a very nice relaxing weekend for you - I'm very jealous! :)

  2. That Ole Miss Arkansas game was absolutely insane! I wish that the Aggie game had been just as entertaining, but we looked so horrible!

    1. YES, the game was definitely INSANE to say the least - a real NAIL BITER for sure! HA!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks, you too. Glad Hubby is feeling better and home now! :)

  4. What an awesome car!! I don't know anything about hybrids!

    1. Thank you! Me either! HA! I have learned, however, that it's a LOT smarter than me! LOL

  5. Sounds like a great weekend! Happy start of a new week!

  6. OMG, that Camry hybrid is awesome! Sounds like a jammed back weekend! Thanks for linking up today.

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle


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