Monday, November 2, 2015

Weekend Shenanigans

Good morning and Happy Monday darlins!! I hope that you all had a lovely weekend with a lot of activities and time with your families.  Our weekend was good and here are a few of the recaps:

-- started Friday night off playing Bunco with 23 other ladies.  It was Halloween themed and we all dressed up in Halloween tshirts, etc. and she gave us all a Witch's hat. 

-- Saturday morning it.was.POURING. and HARD.  Hubby let me sleep in while he got up and took care of the pups and then he stayed in the living room watching tv and catching up on his dvr shows while I slept in the bedroom as to not disturb me.  Awww... what a good hubby he is... :)

-- Later Saturday once the rain calmed down a wee bit, we ran to the Post Office and grabbed our mail and while there I got 4 books of the new Forever Peanut Stamps - OMG they are TOO CUTE! My CHRISTmas cards this year are the Peanut Characters, so when I saw these, of course I had to have them

-- Went to Costco to stock up on our normal monthly/bi-monthly needs, ran to Wally World, finished up what grocery shopping we didn't get done at Costco and got back home in time to watch the Razorback game, where we won 63-28 (even though we won hugely, it wasn't a good team we played, but... a win is a win is a win, right?! :)

-- During Half-Time I made a quick run to Payless to check out their dress shoes, as I was in dire need of some new ones for the Fall.  I bought SIX pair as they had BOGO and also I am a rewards member and they had an extra 31% off on top of that, so I got all six pair for only $87!!!! Whoop Whoop - talk about a bargain, right!? :)  Here is the main shoes I got and in different colors:

-- Put away all of the inside Halloween Decorations and handed out candy to the trick or treaters

-- Sunday morning I got up early, started cleaning and washing clothes, took care of the pups and then when hubby got up, he started getting down my Thanksgiving decorations, along with the CHRISTmas decorations where I may or may not have began putting up my CHRISTmas decorations including my mantle and CHRISTmas village, though I drew the line in the kitchen and decorated the table and shelf behind my table all for Thanksgiving.  I spent the rest of my day working on that and finished the night off cooking dinner and relaxing and catching up on my DVR shows before going to bed at 8:30 - we are real party animals, can't you tell?! :)

So what about you? What were your weekend shenanigans?  Hope you had a great trick-or-treat weekend and can't wait to see the pictures of your kiddos all dressed up! Have a lovely Monday dolls and thanks for stopping by to say hello. :)  Linking up with these ladies so come play along, won't you?! :)

Lots of love and hugs,


  1. Oh my goodness your bunco party looked like so much fun! I need to try a party one day.

    GAH! I had no idea about the stamps, I"M SO GOING TO THE POST OFFICE today!

  2. Loving your Halloween outfits, it looks like much fun was had.

    Cute stamps as well, I'm presuming you are one of those eagerly awaiting the new movie.

  3. Those stamps are sooo cute! I should get my husband some. He would love them. Rained here on Saturday too, bummer. So not ready for Christmas yet tho! Thank for linking up today. Love to "see" new faces!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle


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