Saturday, June 12, 2010

My Beautiful Landscape By My Wonderful Husband

Happy Saturday my friends! Hope you've had a great day today.  I thought I would share some things around my yard that my husband has "created" with his green thumb to make our house look so pretty in the summertime.  There are fruit trees, vegetables, lights, trees and beautiful flowers.  I, on the other hand, have a brown thumb and kill.everything! LOL  So... I hope you enjoy our little garden and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Our lemon tree that we've had for years and are just NOW getting a lemon on:
Oh and see this BIG hole here below - that is thanks to a squirrel or chipmunk that continues to eat all of my fruits and veggies! UGH!!!!

P.S. If you've not had the chance to go see the movie, The Karate Kid, yet - RUN and GO see it - it is OUTSTANDING and one of THE.BEST movies I have ever seen in my life! By the end of the movie the entire theatre was clapping - Will Smith's kid is unbelieveably good in this movie as is Jackie Chan - they both make a great pair together!

Lots of love and hugs,


  1. WOW! how beautiful....

    have a wonderful rest of the weekend my amazing friend ;)

  2. From my concrete backyard, I a sooooo jealous!! :)

  3. Bravo to your hubby. Good job!
    Love all of the photos!
    Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend, girlfriend! ;o)
    Big hugs!
    B xoxoxo


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