Friday, September 25, 2015

Friday Favorites - TV Shows

Good morning and happy T*G*I*F my friends! We've had examiners this week at the Bank and it has been a week from you know what!  Between that and being sick with Vertigo for a couple of days in a row, I, for one, am SO happy that it's finally the weekend and can't wait to relax.  As you know, one of my favorite bloggers, Becky, from The Java Mama and her friend, Kim, from Faith, Grace & Giggles have their Friday Favorites Linky Party and I am going to be playing along each week and I hope you'll come join in the fun - every week has a different topic.  This week's topic is TV Shows.

My husband and I are COMPLETE TV and Movie Junkies.  This week has finally started the Fall lineup and we're SO excited!  Here are our favorites:

1.  Scandal - OMG can you say HOOOOTTTTT??!! These two have some of the BEST chemistry I've ever seen in my life! All I can say is, Tony Goldwyn is HOT!!! OMG WOW hubba hubba!!! Is it just me or do you think he's HOT and SEXY too?  I don't know why, but I love older men and some of them with gray hair - OH MY WORD - they are just sexy to me...

2.  The Blacklist - can you say RED? We LOVE RED!! He and his partner onscreen are fabulous together but he's always been one of my favorites in ever show he's ever been in and I LOVE him!

3.  Grey's Anatomy - Dr. McDreamy - ohhh how I miss seeing his handsome self on this show!  I still can't believe they killed him off! He's another HOTTIE who happened to have that salt and pepper look going for him and those eyes - oh my word - those eyes.....

 4.  Nashville - need I say more? I love this entire cast. I don't think they could have chosen a better cast of people together for this show. And the 2 young sisters on there are so talented and sing so wonderfully.  I never knew they were sisters in real life until recently.

5.  Chicago Fire and Chicago PD - I almost forgot about these two shows.  They too, are some of our faves and the guys aren't too hard on the eyes, if you know what I mean - hubba hubba :)

6.  Agents of Shield - I completely forgot about this one until a blogger reminded me when she said how much she loves this show.  It too is a good one, though not one of my faves, it is definitely one of my husband's favorites for sure.

Some of our newest favorites that we just got hooked on:

7.  Below Deck - the people who are the millionaire clients and come on this yacht are absolute FRUITCAKES! And even some of the staff are FRUITCAKES as well - but it's a hilarious show nonetheless.  Have you watched it yet? You should look it up.  I think it's on the Bravo Channel on Dish but not 100% sure.  I do know it airs on Tuesday nights, however.

8.  Crisley Knows Best - I absolutely ADORE him and think he is freaking HILARIOUS to say the least! If you've never seen this show, you MUST go and watch it STAT!!! He tries to run his house with an iron fist, and wants things done his way. He is very anal and very specific about everything in his world.  But one of the main things I absolutely LOVE about him is that he is never afraid to admit when he's wrong about something, nor is he afraid to give a big bear hug to his kids and he tells everyone, including his personal assistant, that he loves them all of the time.  He is firm, but fair with his kids.  Although, I do not like the way that the kids talk to him and his wife at times, and blatantly do what he tells them NOT to do, and just takes the punishment afterwards - you know the old don't ask for permission, ask for forgiveness routine, I do really enjoy the show and think it's hilarious and one you would enjoy. This is also another Tuesday lineup, but I don't know what channel it's on offhand either.

So what about you? What are your favorite tv shows? And on another subject, what are your weekend plans? Anything fun and exciting?  Hubby and I are going to San Antonio on Saturday for the day to do some shopping and go to the Riverwalk.  Depending on how late it gets, depends on if we stay the night or not.  Plus our Hogs are playing Texas A&M on tv later that night at 7:00.  I don't know if we will watch or not this week, it will depend on how much fun we are having otherwise I guess. :)

Well, thanks for stopping by and have a FANTASTIC Friday and an AWESOME weekend.  Please let me know you were here so I can stop by and see you too! :) And because I'm always up for a Friday funny, I don't want to disappoint you:

 Lots of love and hugs,


  1. Oh well I'm only excited about the return of Agents of Shield!

    1. Ohhh I completely forgot about Agents of Shield - that is another one of our favorites too! I think I need to go back and revise my list! LOL

  2. Not familiar with any of these apart from Grey's Anatomy which sadly is no longer showing here. I'm really looking forward to a new serialisation of Jekyl and Hyde which begins this autumn.

    1. Hmmm... the Jekyl and Hyde sounds interesting! I will have to see if it's playing here or not.

  3. I'm so excited that you're joining in on our party! Looks like a great list of shows :-) there is an updated calendar of topics on my blog each week for changes to the schedule.

  4. Oh my gosh I just watched Scandal today....craziness never ends. I am so excited all the fall shows are back on yay!!!! Waiting patiently for the Blacklist...did you see she dyed her hair blonde??? whhhhaaatt???


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