Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Hey, It's Okay Tuesday!

Happy Tuesday peeps!  I've been wanting to join in on this "Hey, It's Okay Tuesday" linky party for some time now.  I've been following Amber over at Airing My Laundry, One Post At A Time, for many years now and she always makes me laugh.  I love her no nonsense down to earth style. Anyway, she always does an "Hey, It's Okay Tuesday" linky party every week, and I've finally had a chance to join in, so here it goes.  Feel free to come play along as well, would you?! :)

1.  To be THRILLED that Football season is back - especially Razorback Football. (Sorry Amber - LOL)

2.  To not care less about Politics in any form or fashion.  I DESPISE them.... literally.  I am very unhappy with our current sitting President and the way he has been running our country the last 3 1/2 years - come on 2016.  I am thinking Donald Trump & Ben Carson would be a GREAT ticket to vote on this coming election.

3.  To be tired of summer - Fall, come on already, PLEASE!!! The only downside to that however, is that we live in Texas and don't see any Fall like temps, much less cool weather, until mid November, if we're lucky.  We were at 80 degrees for Thanksgiving 2 years ago - Yuck!

4.  To be excited as well as ready to get my daughter's baby shower over with this coming weekend. It's down to the wire and I'm still trying to get everything together and packed because it is out of state in Arkansas and I'm hosting.

5. To be happy that this week and next week are short weeks thanks to the Labor Day holiday - and the fact that I work in a bank makes the holiday even sweeter, as I actually have a 4 day weekend instead of a three day weekend.  Whoop whoop!!

Okay, there's my first attempt at this, so I hope you'll feel free to join in and link up with Amber and play along.  I'd love to see everything you come up with as well. :)

Thanks for stopping by and please let me know you were here. Have a great day lovies! :)

  Lots of love and hugs,


  1. Yeah, I could care less about politics. Personally, I think big government is way to involved any way! I am also excited for a short week because of Labor Day! It means my husband is home for an extra day to help out!

  2. I am ready for fall too!

    Ugh, politics. I have to hide some people on Facebook.

    Haha, enjoy your football!


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