Monday, September 28, 2015

Halloween Decor & Weekend Recap

Happy Monday guys and dolls. I hope you all had a fabulous weekend. Besides watching our Hogs in what was yet another disappointing loss when we had the game won, hubby and I went to San Marcos and New Braunfels for the day on Saturday and did some shopping and eating - but mainly, lots and lots of shopping. We had never really been to the outlets over in San Marcos before, but OMG, all I can say is if you ever make your way there - be sure you plan a day of it before you ever go. That place is HUGE and it literally took us over 6 hours and we didn't even go in all of the stores in that place. On one side of the street is the Tanger Outlets and on the other side of the street is the Premium Outlets - wow is all I can say. We got a lot of great deals, however, so that was nice. It was also an early anniversary weekend, as my husband will be working most, if not all, of October on the weekends due to new store openings and so just in case he's not here during that time, we decided to take our weekend early. :)

On Sunday I decided to start slowly bringing out my Halloween Decor to try and see what I have and what I may need. I got a little bit accomplished, but not near what I had hoped to get done. I am going to post some pictures below in the hopes you will help a sista out and tell me some more ideas that I can do to add to it. I've looked all over Pinterest and have gathered tons of ideas, as you can imagine, but.... So, are you ready? Okay, but please don't laugh and I'm serious about helping a sista out - would love your opinions and ideas please! :)

I know the fireplace is a little plain - I just can't figure out what else to do with it. I wanted to add some small bales of hay and more pumpkins on the bottom, but those tiny bales of hay at Walmart are $8 a pop - wow, I was shocked! Do you use them? Are they worth the price? Do they last more than one season? Also, I'm thinking of adding a Happy Halloween or Spooky banner across the front of the mantle - but I know it needs more:
 Some of my Halloween decor from Yankee Candle many years ago - I love these skeletons and the candles bleed Red when they are lit:
 My wreath that I've not finished yet, there just happened to be a nail in the brick already, so I thought I would see what it looked like hanging up:
My kitchen table: 
This table is NOT done at all - I just threw extra stuff on there to see where I may want what: The sign I made many blue moons ago and it's still one of my favorite pieces:
 My craft table runneth over:
 More of my craft room:
 And yet, more:
See why I said I needed your help - LOL  I have the stuff, but am still trying to pull it all together. Well, thanks for stopping by and please let me know you were here. I look forward to catching up on all of your blogs today.  Have an awesome day my peeps! :)

Lots of love and hugs,

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  1. Everything is so cute! I have done nothing for Halloween. So depressing, but we are moving at the end of the year and I am just not feeling it!


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