Monday, August 10, 2009

Happy Monday! :o)

Good morning, everyone! Hope you are having a wonderful and beautiful Monday and that it is gorgeous and sunny in your area. It is supposed to be a beautiful but HOT day here today - which will be SO NICE for a change! Although, I must admit, I am more than ready for the fall temperatures and for the kids to start back to school - they still have 3 weeks to go. When does your children go back to school?

Did you do anything fun and exciting over the weekend? The Hubster and I painted our bedroom FINALLY - it has been an UGLY lime/pea green since the day we bought the house and we couldn't stand to look at it any longer! I took some before pictures but haven't taken any after pictures - of course it is a work in progress, but I will post the pictures tomorrow or sometime this week, as I don't have them loaded on the computer yet. Friday night we went to Lowe's and picked out the paint and we got "Standing Rock" - though I can't recall who it's by exactly, but it turned out to be a deep dark chocolate color and with our white trim and white door, etc., it looks GREAT! Our daughter even told us it looked so nice that it looked like HGTV came in and painted it - WOW - talk about a compliment and from a teenager no less! WOW OH WOW! HA! :o)

On another note, Saturday I had to finally break down and get glasses - boo hoo.... I'm the last one in my entire family to have needed them so I guess getting glasses at 41 isn't so bad - right? Well, I have to have 2 pairs but they were able to give me just my reading glasses on Saturday and the other pair I will get in a couple of weeks. They look pretty cute on if I do say so myself! :o) I will take pictures to post later on for you to see what you think.

Okay - well I guess that's all my news other than my brother in law comes today - YAY!!! We can't wait to see him! P.S. One more thing - regarding posting comments -I know it's still giving people fits but I figured out how to do it - just hit the "post comment" button and where it says "name/url" - if you don't have a blog, just put in your name only and then hit post comment - but you will have to hit the post comment button twice for it to go trough. I know it's a real pain but I am still trying to figure it out and will let you know when I'm able to get it fixed completely. Oh and since we can't have a post without a picture, I've attached another picture from Central Park for you to enjoy! :o)

Big Hugs,
Trac~ :o)

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