Monday, August 17, 2009

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday everyone! How was your weekend? Ours was so nice and relaxing for a change. On Friday I worked until 9:30 p.m. and then got home around 11:00 - YUCK! Oh well... at least it was Friday night and I didn't have to turn around and get back up at 6:00 to go back to work the next day, so that was a plus! :o) I slept until 9:00 a.m. on Saturday morning and then hubby and I got up, did the bills, figured out our checkbook, and then went grocery shopping! WOO HOO! :o) I actually really enjoy our time grocery shopping together on the weekends, as it's "our" time together without the kids (most times) and it's just very nice as we both enjoy looking around and seeing what kind of good things we can find. Then we returned home and laid around for a while, did some computer work and then took the kids to a beach party at their friend's house around 3:30 until 9:00. Since the hubster and I had a "free" night without the kiddos - we had a "date" night and enjoyed a movie. We went to see this movie:

It was really good and we had a great time. We also went to Pet Smart afterwards to check out identification tags for our babies, Buddy and Bella. While we were there they were having adoption day. The puppies were SO SAD looking that I wanted to take ALL of them home but refrained. *sigh*

On Sunday we all hung out together at the house, did some housework, cooked some dinner and dessert and hung out some more before turning in early for the night. All in all it was a very wonderful weekend. Steven wasn't feeling well so we didn't make it to church unfortunately. We were going to go on Saturday night but the kids were gone so we decided to try and make it on Sunday instead. Oh well - hopefully next weekend we can make it - we have family coming in this weekend and are going to be very very busy. Then we leave in a couple of weeks for our Europe vacation - YAY! I can't wait!

So... what did you do this weekend? Anything fun and exciting? Once I can figure out HOW to post links to other people's website, I will post the dessert I made here for you to enjoy - it was really simple and made out of Ice Cream Sandwiches - YUMMY!!!

Hugs, Trac~ :o)

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  1. I always want to take those dogs home with me! They are just too cute! I would love to try out your recipe. Can you send it to sweetsimplicityblog(at)gmail(dot)com?
    Thanks lady!


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