Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My Box of Goodies!!!

All I can say is that my swap partner, Carrie, from http://www.koehmstedt.com/ outdid herself with the 2009 Favorite Swap that was hosted by http://www.according-to-kelly.com/. The object of the game was to send your swap partner 3 of YOUR favorite things and vice-versa. Whoever you were sending to was also the person sending to you in return. So, I got home last night to a wonderful box of goodies! She sent me 2 new books by James Patterson (my favorite author), a bag of Werther's Caramels (my favorite candy), some scrapbook stuff (my favorite hobby), a pumpkin candle (my favorite fall scent) and a Dierks Bentley CD (one of my favorite country artists). This was supposed to be about sending your partner 3 of YOUR favorite things - but Carrie and I decided to send each other 3 of OUR favorite things instead - meaning, I sent Carrie things that SHE likes and enjoys and vice versa. It worked out GREAT and I hope she's as happy with hers as I am with mine! Thanks again, Carrie-you are THE B-E-S-T!!!!!!!!!!:o)

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