Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy Monday!

Hello everyone! Hope you had a glorious and wonderful weekend. We had a very nice one - very busy but nice. We spent all day Saturday (literally) grocery shopping and getting things that Alliye needed for Volleyball and then we went and had a nice dinner at a Japanese restaurant where we ate at the Hibachi Grill. This was so we could celebrate Alliye making the Junior Varsity volleyball team for the high school and we had a really good time. The food was good at the time we were eating it, however, afterwards, we all got very ill - so I'm not sure what happened but it wasn't pretty. *sigh*

Anyway, then yesterday, the hubster had to work and so I spent a lot of my day finishing up some last minute shopping and then I did some ironing and packing for mine and Steven's upcoming vacation. We are celebrating our 10 year anniversary (2 years LATE) so it will be just he and I and we leave at 3 p.m. this Thursday and can hardly WAIT. We are SO EXCITED! Over the next few days I will give you "hints" as to where we are headed to see if you can guess. My WONDERFUL mother-in-law will be staying with the kiddos as this is their first week of school starting on Wednesday. Both kids are very excited and can hardly wait - they've enjoyed the summer but are so ready to see all of their friends and hang out again. I personally MISS going to school - my mom always said I should have been a professional student - hmmm.... maybe I missed my calling as a school teacher instead? Oh well....

Well, not much news to talk about today so I will leave it at that. But, because I don't like to have a post with no pictures, I will leave you with your first clue - this is the city we will be flying into on Friday morning - any thoughts or clues:

And those of you in the family who KNOW where we are going, are NOT allowed to play -hee hee hee

Have a great day everyone!

Big hugs, Trac~ :o)


  1. hey girl!! thanks for coming by my blog! i hope you have an awesome week!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Congrats on your anniversary and I hope you have a great time!! I think you must be going to somewhere in Europe! Can't wait to see pictures!


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