Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Happy Tuesday My Peeps! :o)

Hey there my goodlookin friends! How is it going? I've been SO busy today that I'm just now getting to take a break and make a post here. Guess that's a good sign as that means I still have my job - luckily! *Whew*

I have decided that my Thursday posts will consist of "THIRSTY THURSDAY" where I will post a new drink for you to enjoy. My handsome hubby has a "Old Lady Liquor Cabinet" as he likes to call it - in our kitchen - but in reality it is his grandmother's old china cabinet that has been passed down to him from his mom many years ago. Anyhoo.... he has several different kinds of liquor and glasses in this cabinet that he is very proud of - so proud that he has it all nice and organized for show. Now mind you, we rarely EVER drink, but we are definitely social drinkers and enjoy having people over to the house to enjoy a cocktail or two on occasion. However, if you didn't know us well, you would take one look at our "old lady liquor cabinet AND our wine collection" and swear we were Alcoholics! HA! So on Thursday look forward to a new Segment for your enjoyment. If you do not drink, you can always leave the alcohol out and make it a "virgin". Also, I am thinking of having a Recipe post day as well for new recipes that I have tried that are tried and true recipes. I haven't decided what day to start those on yet - maybe either Tuesday or Fridays.

So what do you think about the new look of my blog? I have updated it and made it more of a "shabby" look and I am L.O.V.I.N.G. it! :o) Please be sure and leave a comment when you stop by so I will know you were here. And if you have a blog that you'd like for me to link to so others can find you as well, please let me know and I will be glad to do so.

Now....without further adieu..... I am attaching a picture of 2 of my favorite people who are coming to see me in just 2 short days and I am so excited that I can hardly wait!

Have a glorious and blessed day my friends!
Love to all! xxxooo

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