Monday, July 19, 2010

Meet Me On Monday!

Happy Monday my luvs - how are you?  How was your weekend?  Great, I hope!  Ours was really good - busy as usual, but good.  If you saw my post on Saturday, you saw how we spent and what we did - it took a while but was definitely worth it! :o)

I happen to love any and all blog carnivals and came across Java of Never Growing Old's yesterday and thought I would play along today since I don't have a post ready otherwise.  So, feel free to come join in and get to know other friends in bloggy land.

This Week's Questions are as follows:

1. What is your favorite sandwich?  My most favorite sandwich is and has always been a bologna and cheese with mustard sandwich - but.... lately (since I've been trying to eat healthier) - my new favorite sandwich is at Subway - 6" Turkey on Whole Wheat with Spicy Mustard, lettuce, tomato, black olives, pickels, black pepper and Oregano - YUM!

2. What is stashed under your bed/mattress? Nothing is under my mattress but I have extra pillows and blankets under my bed

3. What is your favorite flower?  My favorite flower is the Gerbera Daisy - they just make me so happy to see with all of the nice summer colors.

4. What is your favorite magazine?  I am a magazine fanatic - I receive many, many magazines - Self, Martha Stewart, Traditional Home, Redbook just to name a few - I have many others that I can't think of off hand though.

5. How often do you weigh yourself?  I know we are only supposed to weigh once a week- however, I truly weigh myself every.single.morning right before I get in the shower.  My husband and I actually keep a running tally of our daily weights. 

Now that you've seen my answers, be sure and check out Java's and the others and come play along too. 

Have a great day my peeps and thanks for stopping by to say hello! :o)

Lots of love and hugs,


  1. Mmmmm ....your sandwich sounds delicious!
    Have an awesome week!

  2. I love those flowers as well!
    I'm craving that temting sandwich!

    Have a great Monday/and a great week ahead, my friend!
    Love and hugs
    B xx

  3. your sandwich choice is brilliant, yummers ;l)


  4. Hi! I'm a new follower via Google Friend Connect. Found you through the Monday Blog Hop! :) That Daisy is such a deep pink, very pretty!

    -Ai Mei

  5. Love the daisy too :) Just seeing them in any color makes me smile.
    Subway seems to be a popular place for a sandwich too.

  6. Woo Hoo! another one for team Bologna and cheese!!!
    passing through from MMoM.

  7. Love, love, love that cover of Redbook!
    Sounds like your morning routine is a lot like mine!

  8. Hi, This blog is great. And that sandwich is rockin. I'm following.

    Looks like a beautiful day. Your kids are amazing. Lucky Lady. Keri

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