Monday, July 12, 2010

Weekend Recap - The Mets and Citi Field

Happy Monday!  Is it me or did the weekend just FLY by?  It went by SO FAST for me and I just didn't have enough time to get anything done.  The only thing I did manage to get done was to finish the stripping of the trunk and then sand it:

Now I just need to figure out what color I am going to stain it.  Any thoughts?   It is for my daughter but it doesn't have to be girlie.  I thought about painting it White but my husband didn't like that idea and thought it'd look better stained a nice color instead, so that's what I will do unless you guys come up with something different/better instead.  :o)  I will tell you this.... I can tell the difference of how OLD my body is compared to how old I think I am - I am still in so.much.pain from stripping and sanding this thing that I can hardly move - much less walk up and down stairs.  My hips are killing me something fierce - maybe it has to do with doing that work for 2 hours straight or something, I don't know - but man do I ever hurt like crazy! It sure stinks to be getting old.  HA!

Onto Citi Field.....we were lucky enough to score some AWESOME tickets to the new Citi Field - Mets Stadium where the Mets and Braves were playing Sunday.  We were in box seats just 9 rows behind home plate and they were the.BEST.seats!  We even had a free parking pass and these just kind of fell in our laps on Friday afternoon late and we could NOT pass them up, right?! :o)  Free is free!  Anyway... here are a some pictures for you - but be prepared - there are a lot! :o)

Citi Field:
Inside where our box seats were - this is the bar area - I'm not kidding you - it was SO nice inside where our particular seats were that it felt like we were hob knobbing with the rich and famous! LOL
9 rows behind home plate in the Delta Sky Box section:  

Getting ready for warm ups: 
National Anthem: 
Me and my boys: 
The game:
Mets Museum: 
Tug McGraw: 
Tug McGraw Jersey:
The End:
See... I told you there was a lot! Ha!  However, there was also no relief from the sun and the highs were in the 90's yesterday - and it was HOT.AS.BLAZES to say the least - we all got burned some too - but my husband got it the worst - his poor knees!  We should have known better and taken some sunscreen but to be honest, I never take my purse to those things so I wouldn't have had anywhere to put it anyway.

So how was your weekend?  I can't wait to catch up and see how you spent it! :o)

Thanks for stopping by to say hello! Have a great day my lovies!

Lots of love and hugs,


  1. Loving the photograph of you and your boys.

    How about a nice bright yellow for the trunk or I saw one in pretty candy coloured stripes recently. No, stick to yellow or yellow and white vertical stripes would be nice.

  2. the trunk will look great, cant wait to see it finished, my fav color for wood is always cherry.

    what a fun day it looks like y'all had...

    hugs friend

  3. I love dark woods, especially cherry - it's so timeless. But, whatever color you decide, I'm sure it will turn out great!

    I love sitting in box seats at sporting events. I've never had any at a baseball game, but it looks like y'all had a wonderful time!

  4. Chocolate...that is my vote on the color of the chest. A deep chocolate.

    I feel for your hubby though...burnt knees are the worst.


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