Thursday, October 15, 2009

Always. Sometimes. Never

Jennifer over at Hope Studios has a great blog and is a very talented lady - you should go check her out!  She posted her Always.Sometimes.Never list yesterday that she stole borrowed from another blogger and I told Jennifer that I would be stealing borrowing the idea from HER sooo.... here is my list:

I Always...

Get up at 5:15 every morning so that I can have some "me" time before starting my day
Drive to my bus, then take a bus to the subway then take the subway to my office
Talk to my baby sister every morning on the drive to my bus stop
Sleep on the bus on my way to work every morning
Check out everyone's blogs the minute I get to my office
Am 15-20 minutes early to wherever I need to be (other than the time I was late 15 minutes meeting my new friend Summer for lunch a couple of weeks ago- ack!)
Miss my mommy and sister and friends back home terribly :o(((
Wish I were a SAHM

I Sometimes...

Pretend that I am working when I am really commenting on everyone's blogs (hee hee hee)
Take my husband's car keys thinking that they are mine and throw them into my purse without realizing it
Enjoy a glass of wine or a beer when I get home from a long day at the office
Get to go to bed (and sleep) at 8:30 p.m. and REALLY REALLY love those nights
Wish we lived closer to "home" and our family and friends
Wish my family and friends lived closer to me here in the Northeast

I Never...

Smoke cigarettes
Am late anywhere, at any time, for any reason (except lunch that time- oops sorry Summer :o))
Have kids or dogs or the hubster waking me up all hours of the night unless one of them is sick
Wish that I will work until I retire
Want to live the rest of my years in the Northeast

So... what are your "Always. Sometimes.Never"??? Come play along and join in the fun!

Happy Thursday!
Trac~ :o) xoxoxo


  1. I always get up early too, alone time is a must! I sometimes skip blog posts if I get way behind, especially giveaways & reviews, I am (almost) never late too, even with 2 kids. I am extremely punctual! ;-)

  2. Looks like your day starts as early as mine. I'm up at 5am for my 1hr 30 commute to work and then 2hrs commute home less then 8hrs later. You take Public transportation which I think is great! I could take it, drive to bart, bart to the train then walk. But it would take me over 3hrs each way to do that.

    I think this is agreat post, i might have to copy it.

  3. Cool idea. I'll have to think about how I can adapt this to Jonathan.

  4. I always talk to my best friend in the mornings on her way to work.. (Except when I don't hear my phone)...LOL... I sometimes get mad when I don't get to talk to my favorite person in the morning, so I call her later during the day to get my fix... I Never want to miss her call, but, well you know!
    Love your,
    #1 fan!!

  5. I am always running to get somewhere on time.

    dont want to live in the northeast forever.. I love it here.


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