Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Senior Class Rings

This is what we did last night:

Hard to believe that we ordered senior rings during my daughter's sophomore year of high school - I don't remember ordering my senior ring until late in my junior year - too weird.  Anyway, you can't tell by this picture, but this ring is actually pretty dainty - though it doesn't appear that way and it looks like a boy's senior class ring instead.  As you can imagine, she is HYPED up and can't wait - especially since these darn things are being delivered in December of this year - WOW!

Sooooo... what did you do last night?  Anything fun and exciting for a Tuesday night?

Happy Hump day my friends! Make it a wonderful day!  We are on the downhill side of the week and etching even closer to Friday and the weekend.  P.S.  I've been so slammed at work these last 2 weeks that I've not had a chance to comment on many of your blogs - I hope to catch up later today or by the weekend.  I've been peeking at them throughout the day when I have a chance, though. :o)

Lots of love,
Trac~ :o)


  1. Wow! My son is a Junior and I haven't heard anything about class rings yet.

    Last night I went to my first meeting of Special Education Citizens Awareness Committee. It was very enlightening to say the least. :-)

  2. I love it! I didn't get a Senior Ring from my HIgh School. My mom bought me another ring while she was in Hawaii instead. She said it had more sentimental value. It did! Part of me still wishes I had gotten a Senior Ring, But I hated High School so I guess it doesn't matter to much.

  3. pretty does seems early.

    last night....melrose place, my new guilty pleasure;)

  4. Mine was a huge clunker, lost somewhere in the bottom of my jewelry box! Wish I could go back to get one of these cuties!

  5. That seems so early! I never got my class ring. I don't remember that we had very many "dainty" choices either.

  6. I remember my class ring so well and how much I loved it (my birth stone), but I lost it some where over the years :(.

  7. Seems smart to have the class ring early. How many people actually wear it after HS? I never got a HS class ring but I did get a college one that I still wear on occasion.

  8. i lost my senior ring the week after I got it. needless to say, the dad did NOT buy me another one! LOL.
    (I do still have my wedding band after 12 years though, so that is a huge accomplishment!)

    Tell Alliye she picked a very cool ring and not to give it to any boys.


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