Saturday, October 3, 2009

Black Tie Charity Dinner

Happy Saturday everyone! Thanks for stopping by! I hope you are having a great day and weekend.  Last Friday my husband and I went to a black tie charity dinner for the airport to benefit the Children's Hospital and had a great time.  Usually it is just us, but this year, we got to have his Assistant, C, and her husband, D join us and we had a great time! Hope you enjoy the pictures - they had some AWESOME ice sculptors and GREAT FOOD and DRINKS!
Airplane Ice Sculptor

Fish Ice Sculptor

HUGE shrimp that was DELICIOUS - sorry, picture is kind of blurry

Neat flower arrangement

Different shooters - Watermelon, Pomegrant and Bloody Mary

C & D who joined us this year

Me and the hubster - though a terrible picture of me I decided to put it on here anyway - he was not drinking 2 drinks at a time - I made him hold my Mojito - LOL

Different flavors of Cheese and deli meats - OMG they were SO GOOD!

This guy was making steak sliders - Steven said they were really good

The band

The centerpieces on the tables which I am trying to figure out how to incorporate every day - the hubby said if they are real flowers, they won't last more than a day or so - but man, these looked NEAT!

This is us slow dancing to the song - Lady in Red - we are at the back near the light if you can tell that it's us

On another note - the real exciting news of the night was that we actually won a door prize! We've been attending these things twice a year for the last 2 years which is a total of 4 times, for those of you counting, and never won until this year - we were SO excited because we won TWO FREE roundtrip tickets on JetBlue - YAY!!!! Now we just have to decide where to go - but will probably end up in Portland or Seattle - which are two places on the West Coast my husband has always wanted to take me.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend! 

Big Hugs, Trac~ :o)


  1. wow the ice sculptures riock...and mountains of shrimp, I would have been in heaven;)

  2. What great pics. They remind me of when I went on a cruise when i was 16 with my family. The ice sculptures are amazing. That fish rocks!! THe BF and I love fish and that would be killer to have at our wedding, if we ever get married. I think the pic of you and your hubs looks great.

    I'm working on figuring out how to customize my blog. LOl I don't have a program to create a header like photoshop, but if I did I totally know how to put it on my blog. I've figured out how to change my sidebar colors though and my background, so that's a start. lol

  3. you look gorgeous!!!!! i love it all and soooooo glad y'all went! um, did you put some of those shrimp in your purse? LOL!

  4. Looks like a fun time, especially if the drinks are free! My problem is always picking something to wear!! ;-)


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