Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Day 2 of Our Love Story

Happy Hump Day my friends! I hope all of you are doing fantasmic today and this week so far!  We took the hubster to dinner last night for his birthday and had a great time.  I will post some pictures from last night at the end of this post.  However, I wanted to continue on with part II of our love story for those of you who might be interested. :o)

After our first date went so well, we started dating (I know, I'm stating the obvious here).  The weekend after our first date, however, he had his son but my daughter was at her biological dad's for the weekend, so I went back to the same dance place that I had met Steven the week prior and hung out again with my best friend.  Steven stayed home but his "posse" was there and he told them to say hello to me. (he also went to his mother's that afternoon and told her he had met the woman he was going to marry) I didn't get in until 4:00 a.m. that morning and he decided to call me at 8:00 a.m.! UGH!  I was a wee bit tired and hungover to say the least! HA!  But we made a date for him to come over around noon that day and we would watch movies, etc.  (This was a Sunday).  So, he got there, we hung out watching movies and just talked getting to know each other.  (my daughter was back by this point)  About 3 p.m. as we were talking, I told him that I liked him and would like to get to know him better but didn't really want to be exclusive as I had just gotten divorced from my daughter's bio-dad 2 months prior and was in no rush to jump right back into a steady relationship. 

Well, he decided that was his cue to leave (he's quite the sensitive man, mind you- hee hee hee) as he had been divorced for over 3 years at that point and was looking to settle down with the right girl.  But when he was talking about leaving, I invited him to dinner and my daughter asked him to play play-doh with her (she was 3), which he did.  I cooked Porkchops, green beans and hashbrown casserole that night.  I gave him 3 porkchops and a huge helping of green beans and hashbrowns.  (I was used to a little brother, dad and uncle who ate a LOT) - Steven couldn't even eat 1/2 of that when we first started dating but being the gentleman that he was he tried as best as he could so he didn't offend me - silly man! HA!  Long story short, after dinner he stayed and we literally talked and talked and talked some more until it was 5 a.m. Monday morning! WOW!  I decided after really getting to know him (as much as I could have at that point) that I would definitely date him exclusively. 

We dated for 2 months (he lived in a different city than I did which was an hour away) and then me and my daughter moved in with him.  I lived in an apartment in the same town as my ex-husband and he and his family were beginning to cause problems for me and even had my roommate that I was living with spying on me, etc.  It was NOT a good situation.  So after we moved in together (he had a very nice house that he had just bought with 3 bedrooms waiting to be filled with all things girly-:o)), I think we lived together for about a month before finally deciding that we were just going to get married and get it over with.  Why drag something out when we felt it was "RIGHT", right?! :o)  So one Wednesday at noon on our lunch hour, we went to the Justice of the Peace in Little Rock and got married and then went back to work - HA!  People were very surprised to say the least - he and I were not that impulsive like that - as far as getting married when we had only known each other for 2 months before! :o)  Anywho - the first 10 years of our marriage was spent fighting for full custody of his son (which we won 2 years ago finally) - that in itself, is another post - talk about backwoods lawyers and judges who are crooked - UGH! 

However, as they say - the rest is history!  We will be married 13 years this year - O.M.G.! I can NOT believe it! I have never spent any time with any man that long in my life (besides family of course)! I am actually quite proud of that number too as he and I both had a hellacious marriage prior to meeting one another and we knew what we wanted and so when we did meet and finally get together, that's why we decided to go for it and just take the plunge - glad to say it is working out so far! HA!

Well, that's the story of how we met and ended up together as a couple.  I will tell you more about us another time.  As promised, I am going to leave you with pictures from the hubster's last night's birthday dinner.  The food was to.die.for!  (P.S. Summer - you will appreciate this one my lovie as it is New Orleans style) :o)

Inside of restaurant

Delicious Food! This is my plate and this didn't include the YUMMO Margharita I had to go along with it (so much for the diet!)

Daughter's plate

Hubby's plate

Son's plate (it was across the table)

The boys were acting goofy - Steven is winking like that because when our son was young, every.single.picture he took was JUST.LIKE.THAT! HA!

Me and my honey (who incidently, is 8 months younger than me)

Nice family picture

Well, that does it for today.  Thanks for stopping by my friends and I hope that all of you have a wonderful and glorious Wednesday! 

Lots of love and kisses,
Trac~ ;o)


  1. How sweet you all look sitting round that table. Thanks for part two.

  2. OH. MY. GOSH! I love love love your love story! So fantastic! Happy birthday to your hubs!

  3. Love stories are always lovely and your story is lovable! Wishing you lots of love and happiness in your life. Hugs.

  4. sweet story!!
    sometimes you just KNOW! :)

  5. OMG! seriously that is the sweetest story ever, it gives me hope in my search;)

    The bday night looks like loads of fun, the food, yummers;)


  6. how sweet and how nice it has worked out so well...continued success

  7. Such a sweet story. When you know, you know! I agree!! :)

  8. AWWWWW how sweet!! and look at you little lovebirds....13 years later and still going!

  9. When it's right, you know it. My husband and I were engaged within four months, although we lost distanced emailed for about four months before I moved closer. We married 13 months after our first blind date.


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