Friday, January 8, 2010

Lose It Bitches!

Happy Friday my peeps!  YAY we MADE it to the weekend - WOO HOOO!!!!!  I don't know what it's doing at your house currently, but it is SNOWING here AGAIN - UGH!  Which means my 1 1/2 hour commute to the City will turn into 2 1/2 hours probably.  Oh well, I could use the extra sleep - HA! 

On another note - Adrienzgirl over at  Think Tank Mama  is hosting a support group for those of us who want to lose some weight and feel better about ourselves.  [This is from her website]  "Some are overweight, others want to get in shape, some others have been there done that, and want to offer encouragement, others are on special diet requirements due to diabetes. Whether you are seeking encouragement, recipes, friendship with others fighting the battle of the bulge, it doesn't matter."  So......go to the Lose It Bitch website and check it out and come join us or just come support us as we go through our journey!

I started on Monday evening of this week and have already lost 2.8 lbs.  WOW - changing your eating habits and actually using that treadmill every day that has been collecting dust  sits in my living room has already helped me start my road to thin-ness - hee hee hee.

On another note, I am not a closed off person really - but so far I've not really laid it all out there for you to get to know me completely - but that is about to change.  Since this is a new year and this is one of my main resolutions is to get healthy again for not only myself, but my family - I intend to post all of my stats and updates (and maybe even some pictures) as we go along so that you can help me stay accountable.  Here are my beginning stats:

1-4-10 Beginning Wt - 140.2
Waist at belly button - 35"
Hips - 38"
Upper Left Thigh - 24"
Upper Right Thigh - 24"
Waist - 31.5"
Chest - 37"
Neck - 14"

Today's weight - 137.4

What you don't understand is that I'm used to weighing 115-118 lbs, which is about normal for my short 5'3" body, and carrying around all of this extra weight is killing me and making me an insane person but I haven't been able to stop eating junk food - it's like my crack! In the past I could barely finish a mini cheeseburger and small fries (a kid's happy meal) at McDonald's - now I'm eating large sandwiches of some sort, large fries and drinking that good ole large Southern Sweet Tea - which is certainly not good for you me. I haven't weighed 140 lbs. since I was pregnant almost 17 years ago with my daughter - in which I weighed 142 lbs. and it took me a complete YEAR to get that pregnancy weight off and back into my clothes - UGH!  And for those of you who do not know me very well - I've ALWAYS had issues with my body.  I look back now at pictures from years ago when I had a very CUTE figure and - which really depresses me.  So, it is my intention to get that body back - even if I could have a cute figure like Valerie Bertinelli has now at the age of 48 - I am only 41 (going on 42 soon) and would love to get back to being comfortable in my own skin, you know?

Again, in order for you to get to know me more deeply, I hope you will understand that I am really going to use this as more of an creative outlet for what's going on in my life at the time - the good, the bad and the ugly.  So you will learn more about the troubles we have been having for quite some time with our daughter and our son, among other things.  I've always tried to have positive and upbeat posts but that's just not always reality.  I don't want you to get the wrong idea and think that I am just miss Sally Sunshine all of the time because that isn't the way it is - though, I will admit that I do try VERY HARD to always be that way to people - even if I am having a bad day at home or work - I don't EVAH take it out on other people. That's just not the way I was raised.  It's not your fault or other people's fault if I am in a bad mood thanks to my kids and/or hubby so why should you get reamed for something.... right?!

Anywho - now that I've really started this off on the "deep" end - I will end it here as I am beginning to run late and it is 6:04 a.m. and I have to leave by 6:45 and I still have to put on makeup, straighten my hair and get dressed soooo... here's hoping all of you have a very wondermous Friday and an Awesome weekend!

Much love my friends,
Trac~ ;o) xoxoxo


  1. Good luck!! You will do great!!!!

  2. You are going to do fabulous my lady! Way to go! You're already on a roll!

  3. I recommend watching the movie "Food, Inc" if you want some motivation staying away from the junk food. You are off to a great start - keep it up! :)

  4. Hello!!!! 2.8 pounds is fantastic!!!! Yes, by the sounds of that loss in such a short time, your body wants to lose that weight too! I'm so happy you have jumped on board with us and will be so open. I posted a photo of my scales yesterday with my fat ass standing on them, it sure makes one feel accountable! Which is exactly what I need. I'll be cheering for you!!!!

    You are off to a great start girl!!! Can't wait to see how much you've lost by the time I get back at the end of the month! You Go Girl!!!

  5. Wow! When you decide to be more open, you don't hold back. I'm not going to be that open. I'm going to work with the rest of the bloggy friends without full weight disclosure. :-) I have to have some secrets. ;-)

  6. YOU GO GIRL:)

    have a great weekend friend;)

  7. Good luck! I'm trying to lose also. I hate it!

  8. You are doing great! This is a journey to a better you. Physically fit, mentally sound! YEAH!

    Glad you are with us!

  9. Great job, stick with it. You'll get there.

  10. You are strong enough Tracy and you'll make it! Hugs from Cyprus. Philip

  11. oh lady, i know you can do it!! and i love your straight up honesty! i can't wait to see where this journey takes you...good luck :)


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