Sunday, January 17, 2010

Getting to know you Sunday

Okay so I know I've done several posts like this - however, this time it's for a GREAT cause so check it out! Keely over at MannLand5 has decided that she will donate 25 cents to the Red Cross for each person that plays along and links back to her website.

Today's questions's are..

1. Hair color..Au naturale..or not? - Absolutely - I have never dyed my hair - it is still the same color brown as it has been my entire life with a couple of minor grays starting to pop up here and there - which I will continue to pull until they get to be too many and then I will dye my hair. :o)

2. If somebody has food in their teeth or lipstick on their teeth do you tell them?  Only if I know them personally - otherwise, no

3. Would you rather have a million dollars or your vision of the perfect body?  Million dollars so I can retire young and pay off all of our debts and send my kids to college and help them get a good start in life - I can always get my vision of the perfect body just by exercising and eating healthier

4. Favorite magazine?  Self

5. Bra style..lacey or plain?  Either

6. If you walked into Victoria's Secret..would you most likely come out with something sexy or comfy? Definitely comfy - that's just my style

7. Do you fake and bake?  Always at the beginning of each summer yes

8. What's your favorite body part on a man? Sexy legs

So there are more of my answers in the continuance of getting to know me.  Again, be sure to check out Keely's blog and play along - it's all for a good cause!

Happy Sunday everyone!

Hugs, Trac- :o)


  1. I would want the million dollars, then i could get plastic surgery and have the perfect

  2. I'll take the money too!!! Happy Monday!! :)

  3. I love a tight tush myself. Good thing my husband has one. ;-)


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