Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Lucky Number 8

Steven over at No Excuse, No Explanation just tagged me with the Lucky Chinese tag...(go check out his blog - you will LOVE him - he is a sweetheart and I would LOVE to meet him IRL one day)

So... since I just KNOW you're dying to learn more about me, here we go - LOL

8 TV shows I watch:

1. The Biggest Loser
2. American Idol
3. Desperate Housewives
4. Brothers & Sisters
5. Ghost Hunters (TAPS)
6. Private Practice
7. Grey's Anatomy
8. Chuck

8 favorite places to eat and drink:

1. Club 199
2. The Thirsty Moose
3. New Orleans Steakhouse
4. Iguana's Mexican Restaurant in NYC
5. Friend's House
6. Olive Garden
7. Anywhere with friends
8. Home

8 things I look forward to:

1. Reading my favorite blogs each morning while drinking my coffee
2. Going home to Arkansas for a weekend or longer
3. Warm weather
4. Losing Weight and fitting back into  my size 5 jeans
5. Going to Florida in August to see my mom and family to celebrate my mom's 60th bday
6. My husband coming home from work today
7. The upcoming 3 day weekend
8. Warmer weather

8 things that happened yesterday: (HA - this is how exciting my life is..... NOT!)

1. Drove to bus stop
2. Rode bus to City
3. Rode subway to office
4. Went to Saks 5th Avenue
5. Bought 2 very nice winter coats (worth $1,200) for only $99.00 total (that's MY kind of sale)
6. Took husband to dinner for his birthday
7. Watched American Idol
8. Went to sleep

8 things I love about winter:

(This will be hard since I no longer like winter due to living in the Northeast)

1. The beautimous snow pictures
2. snowskiing for one day
3. building snowmen and having a snowball fight with the kids when they were younger (they are teenagers   now so they no longer want to have that kind of fun)
4. Getting snowed and iced in at home with the family
5. When it is finally ALL OVER with
6. Nothing else
7. Nothing else
8. Nothing else

8 things on my wish list:

1.  To move closer to "home"
2.  To see my family more than once a year
3.  To see my kids grow up, graduate, go to college, get married and have kids
4.  Having grandkids when I am in my 50's and 60's
5.  Having more friends come to NYC to see me
6.  Getting healthier
7.  Getting a job closer to home
8.  Spending more time with my IRL friends here in NYC

8 things I'm passionate about:

1.  Jesus Christ
2.  My Family
3.  My friends
4.  Helping others
5.  My 4 wonderful bosses
6.  Fall temperatures
7.  Photographing our memories
8.  Scrapbooking our memories
8 words I use often:

1.  Praytell
2.  Freakin
3.  Whatever
4.  Sh**
5.  Damn it
6.  LOL
7.  CRAP
8.  UGH

8 things I've learned from the past:

1. You can't go back and re-do it so you'd better get it right the first time
2. Pain doesn't have to define who you are (ditto Steven)
3. love doesn't always last forever (ditto Steven)
4. That I am much stronger than I ever knew I was
5. I don't have to be friends with everyone that I meet and it's really not important if everyone likes me
6. I do not need a man to take care of me and that I am strong enough to stand on my own
7. some people you can't get away from fast enough (again, ditto Steven)
8. all relationships, both good and bad help make us who we are

8 things I currently want/need:

1. My family
2. My friends back home
3. Sleep
4. Less stress in my life
5. Less of a commute
6. Coffee
7. More sleep
8. And oh yeah - MORE SLEEP!!! :o)

8 people I want to tag:

1. Kristen @ KLAW Inspired
2. Summer B @ B is for Brown
3. Sasha @ Lemonade Makin' Mama
4. Supah @ Adventures of a Wanna-be Supahmommy
5. Alicia @ It Ain't Easy Being Cheesy
6. Kimber @ A Day in the Life of a Girl named Kimber
7. Vodka @ Vodka Logic
8. Mighty M @ The Mighty M Family

I hope you will all come play along - even if you weren't tagged - feel free to join in and let me know that you did so that I can come check out your lists!

Have a great night! I am off to watch American Idol and run on the treadmill.

Love and kisses,
Trac~ :o)


  1. Hi Trac, it's going to be great getting to know you!
    love and hugs

  2. Very cool and I will play. I need a post for today so will work on it..

    Nice to learn more about you..The winter one may have some matching answers at the end..

  3. This is awesome! I love learning more about my blogging buddies!

  4. We only have Chuck in common for TV. Three hours of Chuck this week was heaven.

  5. trac: the more I learn the more I like ;) you are aawesome


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