Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Post It Note Tuesday - Weight Loss Stats

Happy Tuesday, Ya'll!  Whew, we made it through Monday - YAY!  I hope your day was a great one despite it all.  It was SO COLD, WINDY and RAINY here all.day.long yesterday and I was NOT a happy camper - I mean, I wanted to stay in bed all day and never get up - I was so nice and cozy - damned alarm! *sigh*

Anywho.... as promised - you know what today is, so come play along!  And as promised, my stickies will consist of my stats over the last month - so here we go:

1-4-10 Beginning Wt - 140.2

Today's stats:
Waist at belly button - 33"
Hips - 37"
Upper Left Thigh - 23.5"
Upper Right Thigh - 23.5"
Upper Waist - 30.5"
Chest - 36"
Neck - 13.5"

Today's weight - 133.0

So... there you have it! Just keepin it real ya'll!  Have a great Tuesday and don't forget to go to Supah's page and link up to play along!

Lots of love and kisses,
Trac~ ;o)


  1. YOU Rock!!!!! Congrats on your weight and inches lost!

  2. Congratulations lady! These are big things! I'm proud of you!

  3. Congrats! That is something to be proud of.

  4. That's AWESOME! Keep up the good work!!!!

  5. Hey your moving along and considering that it was just 25 days from January, you're actually one of the lucky few to stick with it.. keep it going!

  6. WOW Trac , CONGRATS!! on your weight and inces lost. That is an achievement, my friend!
    lots of love and hugsX

  7. WOW! Im just gonna call you the incredible shrinking woman....great job friend;)

  8. Thats awesome!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!

  9. Not a loss of boob! Nothing but that! Boobies must be big! Big I say!!

    Ok, back. Sorry about that. The thought of losing boob made me go mental for a bit. :)

    Here from Supah's!

  10. Cute way to use the Post It notes today.


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