Thursday, September 30, 2010

Big Apple Circus

Happy Thursday my friends!  We are on the downhill side now of the week and rolling along - it will be Friday and the weekend before we know it!  Speaking of the weekend - I have some very exciting news to tell you about!  And if you are in NJ or NY and the surrounding areas - you will LOVE this!

Yep you guessed it - the CIRCUS is in town - WOOT WOOT!!!  (cue the circus music).  Anyway - here is a press release that I received yesterday from Monique and that you should be sure to check out as well!

The spectacular Big Apple Circus ( leaps into its 33rd Season with a thrilling All-New Show, Dance On! The World’s Greatest Circus artists swing into action in the spotlight under our intimate Big Top, where no seat is more than 50 feet from the ring! Invited to the dance: an awesome troupe of monocyclists and lasso twirlers from China! A mind–bending group of Mongolian contortionists! A kinetic collection of Kenyan athletes who shimmy up a pole as though gravity were a joke! A herd of hoofers — twelve miniature horses in an equine chorus line! And an Ethiopian juggler with a lively up–tempo act that’s hard to beat! Your Host is our charming and charismatic Ringmaster Kevin Venardos, aided with antic abandon by star clowns Rob Torres and of course, our leggy, lovable laugh–riot Grandma! With live music by the Big Apple Circus Band, there’ll be cavorting in the aisles — and even the audience will be dancing in their seats!

Doesn't that sound EXCITING?!  Now... because I don't have time for another giveaway so soon - Monique was kind enough to give me some codes to pass on to you for saving on your tickets to go see this giant tent of excitement!  Tigers, elephants and bears - oh my!

To purchase your discounted tickets to the Big Apple Circus online - go to: and submit the code MOMMY11 in the Promotional Codes box in the lower left of the page.   By phone: CALL 888-541-3750 and mention code MOMMY11.

Dance On! already started last Thursday! So make sure to pencil in the Big Apple Circus!  For the latest updates from the Big Apple Circus, be sure to friend them on Facebook ( and follow them  on  Twitter (   Now, run... don't walk and get your tickets and take those beautiful babies of yours to see the greatest show on earth!  Or, if you're a kid inside, like me, then get some tickets for yourself to enjoy the excitement under the Big Tent! :o)

It has been one of those weeks so I'm slow at getting to everyone's blogs to comment - but I promise to do so soon, so don't give up on me, okay?!

Have a wonderful and blessed day and thanks for stopping by to say hello.  P.S.  I'm sorry about the weird spacing in the paragraphs above but for some reason Blogger is refusing to line those 2 up the proper way - *sigh*

Lots of love and hugs,


  1. love the circus:)

    Happy day my wonderful, awesome friend ;)

  2. We have not been to the Big Apple circus. We went to Ringling brothers last year and I ate 3 bags of cotton candy. Gag!

    Have fun and report back with pictures! :-D

  3. Now I'm depressed - how I wish I had such a wonderfully decorated home, that fall table is beautiful AND then you go and mention the circus. Seriously have a great week-end and drop by when you can. x


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