Saturday, September 25, 2010


Happy Saturday ya'll and thanks for checking in!  Last night my husband went to a company black tie dinner that I was able to "beg" out of and my daughter went to see a movie with her girlfriend.  So that left me and my son to hang out and have dinner together.  So of course, I had to take a couple of pictures - which as you can see didn't turn out so well - they were taken with my iphone and the room was also very dark - but here they are anyway.  We rarely get any mommy/son time together alone so when we do - we really enjoy it:

Today is going to be a day filled with tons of fun and excitement from the very early morning until early evening.  To begin with I hope to have my Treadmill sold by 10 a.m. this morning.  Then from 11 til 2:30 or 3:00 me and the hubster are going with our two friends to a place in NJ that is celebrating Oktoberfest - should be lots of fun.  THEN - at 3:30 EST we will be sitting down to watch #11 Arkansas whoop up on #1 Alabama.  Not sure that we will really win but I hope at the very least it will be a good game and they don't let Alabama run away with it.  After that we are relaxing the rest of the weekend and I HOPE to get to those crafts that I was supposed to have gotten to last week but wasn't able to do.  Hopefully, I will have some things to show you next week.  :o)


Now, in honor of Hogs vs. Bama - here is a poem that someone (a Hog Fan, of course) sent me earlier yesterday:

Father, who art in Fayetteville
Football be thy name
The Mighty Tide Fall
Thy Hogs be called
On Earth as they are in Heaven
Give Richardson cramps
And have Greg Childs catch touchdown passes
as Julio Jones drops passes against us
And Let Mallet not throw interceptions
but deliver us from Saban
For ours is The day, The win and The glory for ever and ever over 'Bama

HA!  Please don't take that poem the wrong way - it's nothing against the "TRUE" Our Father - but just something that was cute and fitting for today's game. :o)

Anyway, I hope all of you have a wonderful day and an even better weekend.  Thanks for stopping by to say hi! 

P.S.  Don't forget to enter my $35 CSN Giveaway - it ends Sunday night at 10 p.m. EST.  Also, on another note, I am thinking about changing my blog name and would like to get your thoughts on it. 



  1. im a hardcore bama fan but arkansas is kicking butt right now!

  2. Your son is very handsome :)

    I don't have TV... so I'm not sure if your game is over or not but hope your "piggies" (as I called them when I was dating a guy from Fayetteville) won today!!

    What would you change the name to?!? I'm curious... change is usually fun and exciting though!!

  3. how sweet you are, spending quality time with your boy:)


  4. Two beautiful and cute faces! Have a wonderful weekend Tracy!

  5. Well it was a good game, until....GO HOGS

  6. Here's hoping your week-end is going as planned. Great photos of mom and son.


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