Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fall Tablescape

Hi friends! How the heck are ya?  How was your "Monday errrr... I mean Tuesday" yesterday?  LOL  Mine was good and busy.  I had to pick my daughter up last night at her job so while I waited on her I decided to go get my hair cut since I couldn't fit it into my busy schedule over the weekend.  I think the guy did an AWESOME job and I LURVE it!  I think I have finally (after 3 years) found a hairdresser! YAY! Also, not trying to be sexiest at all but I have always preferred male hairdressers over female when it comes to cutting my hair, so that's a win-win.  :o)  I will show you a picture later on - I've not had a chance to take one yet.

Okay - so here is my fall table and decorations this year (so far).  I am missing something in some of these pictures and I can't figure out what so I would love any and all suggestions you might have to help a sista out! :o)

 This jar needs something more - like color, maybe?
 Scarecrows to the left (from the dollar tree)
 Full glance at table:
 Plain Jane - needs help!  (Pumpkin from Target)
 Eh - not too bad but could be better - (pumpkins all from Dollar Tree)
 Wreath I made on a whim - thought it turned out pretty cute:
 Side table in living room (pumpkin from Target)
 Last year decorations:
 Bucket I painted and then added plastic fruit, pinecones, acorns, etc. to:
Decorations from last year: 
 Full glance of Coffee Table:

See what I mean?  I need some serious help with these decorations this year! Sheesh! I really liked my decorations last year and hate to copy them again but may need to do so if I can't come up with anything else.  Sooo... can you help me?  You know the old Beatles song - "Help Me Rhonda, help, help me Rhonda" - LOL

Tonight is the night I go in for my MRI - wish me luck!  Thanks for all of your sweet comments on my baby girl and her hair yesterday, along with my spray painting jobs - ya'll are too too sweet!  I am off now to check out your posts so have a great day my peeps and thanks for stopping by to say hello!

Lots of love and hugs,


  1. As always I love your table - I always feel so inspired to try something similar and yet I'm obviously not so talented, then again we don't seem to have such a range of wonderful things here in the north east of England. PS I was kind of hoping for a picture of the hair cut, it's somehow so liberating when you find 'the' hairdresser.

  2. wow my friend you do tables that would make Martha Stewert jealous...beautiful


  3. Splendid, remarkable, gorgeous, my friend!
    What a great deacoration!
    You're inspiring me!!

    Warm hugs,
    b xx


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