Thursday, September 16, 2010

Help and Prayers for Mrs. Summer B, her Daddy and my friend, Meg

Happy Thursday my friends!  Hope you are having a great week so far.  Things are going good here.  I have some updates on my knee but am just too tired right now to post all about it in detail and will update you later on.  But in a nutshell for now - no surgery - so YAY - that is great news! ;o)

Anyway, I have a few special requests and if you would take a moment to check them out and help out in any way you can or are willing to do, please do so.  This first one is for Summer B's daddy -  you can read all about his story here.

The next one is for Mrs. Summer and Mr. B  and you can read all about their IVF #5 starting here

Also, one more special request - please go check out this link and help out if you can or are willing to do so.  It is to help Meg send vitamins to Africa.  You can read all about her story here.

You guys rock and I love you!  Have a great day lovies!

Lots of love and hugs,


  1. So many great causes out there - thanks for sharing these!

    Great news about not having to have surgery!! That is fantastic!!

  2. Awe! So sweet of you to post this :) I know it means a lot!


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